Flexible and porous

Resistance to Cracks and Breakages - Friendly Soil

Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Planet Preservation

Lower Life Cycle Costs

Longer lifespan than traditional alternatives

Strategic Installation

Rasocrete faces drainage and erosion issues

Lower Operating Costs

Reduced maintenance expenses

Faster Installation

Pour-in-place, installed in less than half time of pavers

Allows a wide range of designs

Not the "one size fits all" approach, wide range of options

Reduced Liability Risks

Reduced surface breaching » fewer lawsuits and claims

Enviromental Features

  • No plastic in Rasocrete Family (except for Rasocrete® Rubber)
  • Photo-catalytic (reduced exhaust gas emission)
  • Water can reach and nourish the natural soil of woods and forests
  • Only natural stone (except for the Rasocrete® Rubber)
  • Cold laying (no Co2 emission)
  • Fireproof (street barrier to protect forest)
  • Eco-friendly Components
  • Non-Toxic
  • Low Carbon Footprint
  • Non-Cementous
  • Non-Bituminous
  • Safe for Marine and Plant Life
  • Achieves LEED® Credits

Rasocrete is composed by  91/ 95% of inerts. Go to the inert range »