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          Green chemical solutions for building applications

          RASOCRETE® is an eco-friendly flooring product suitable for: airports, highways, tollbooths, pathways, roads, cycle tracks, sidewalks, squares, green areas, car-parks, crosswalks, traditional ramps as the heated ones, potholes restoration, manholes, paths, signs, etc.

          With it’s draining qualities, RASOCRETE® allows protection against flooding and slipping at the edges is avoided with a greater hold of the product. Due to it’s main characteristics, it ensures fast road repairs and reduction of troughs and subsidences.

          Thanks to the porosity of green infrastructure, water filters directly into the soil, removing and neutralizing many kinds of polluting substances. Reducing pollution through the stormwater runoff, is a crucial factor in sewage management. Most stormwater runoffs do not provide a solution for pollutants removal.

          Scientific studies and research have linked the cause of water quality degradation to high amount of impervious surfaces. The surfaces related to car usage are the two third of the impermeable surfaces in the industrialized society. Any alternative design which aims to reduce impervious pavements is a constructive step towards improving the community’s water resource quality.

          Rasocrete is composed by 91/ 95% of inerts. Go to the inert range »

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