Rasocrete is composed by 91/95% of inerts. These inerts belong to the families of porphyry, granitea and marbles and they are total natural components. These inerts are whashed and treated in a natural way to reduce pollution, obtaining an eco-friendly product.

We supply the inerts in two different shapes: split and pebble. They can be mixed in dimensions, colours and shape according to customer’s needs. A specific code will be created for each inert mixing for future orders or replacement.

It is possible to mix both shapes in different percentages but not all the colours are available in both shapes.





C032 - Arabesque

C033 - Carrara white

C034 - Verona white

C035 - Zandobbio bianco

C036 - Light bardiglio

C037 - Botticino

C038 - Breccia aurora

C039 - Breccia pernice

C040 - Giallo mori

C041 - Giallo Siena

C042 - Grigio carnico

C044 - Marrone

C045 - Nero ebano

C046 - Occhialino

C048 - Rosa corallo

C049 - Rosso levanto

C050 - Rosso Verona

C051 - Verde alpi

G054 - Millefiori

CR056 - Giallo limone

CR057 - Rosso vivo

CR058 - Verde chiaro

CR059 - Azzurro

CR060 - Blu genziana

CR061 - Verde scuro

S001 - Marrone

S004 - Verde alpi

S005 - Giallo mori

S006 - Rosso Verona

S007 - Bardiglio chiaro

S008 - Bianco Carrara

S009 - Giallo Siena

S010 - Nero ebano

S011 - Porfido marrone

S013 - Bianco zandobbio

S014 - Mix 423

S015 - Mix 424

S019 - Bianco Verona

S020 - Arabescato

S021 - Botticino

S022 - Occhialino

S023 - Grigio cenere

S024 - Grigio carnico

S025 - Rosso levanto

S026 - Rosa corallo

S030 - Breccia pernice

S062 - Mix 426

S063 - Mix 427

Mix 470

Mix 606